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16 Jul

by Candida


Besides those brands many others make all those styles, just use your criativity and look in our closet for those pieces !! Have fun and  great weekend !!!

Piece & Love

Pictures Reproduction from all sites above by Cheia de Frikote.


23 Apr


  1. MILLIE Sequin Cami $215 & Forever 21 Faux Leather Shorts $22
  2. VINCE Sequin Top $295 & Forever 21 Faux Leather Shorts $22
  3. CHANEL Metalasse’ Chain Bag 1.624 EUR
  4. CHANEL Vintage Earings 475 EUR
  5. NARS Iluminator $ 29 & NARS body Glow $ 59
  6. STILA Long Wear Lip Gloss – Pink
  7. Strappy Wedge Sandals
Get inspired and shiny for the weekend !! 

Piece & Love

Pictures Reproduction: Cheia de Frikote & Google


29 Nov

by Candida


  1. TIBI One Shoulder Sequined Dress –  Blk $ 435
  2. KELLY Tank Dress Sequined Dress – White $398
  3. DIOR Eyeshadow Duo $ 38
  4. Snake Bracelet
  5. ANNA SUI Tank Dress Sequined – Silver $ 640
  6. HALTSON HERITAGE  One Shoulder Dress $ 365
  7. ETTIE Ballerina Dress $ 160 GPB
  8. YSL Blk Pumps $ 760
  9. NARS Nail Polish- Color Silver $ 16
  10. CHANEL Nail Polish- Color Blk $ 23
  11. YSL Lipstick – Color Rouge Per Couture $ 30

As you can see, lots of SEQUINS for the Holiday Dresses !!  You must shine, shine & shine !!


Como voces podem ver, muito brilho para os Vestidos de Festas !! Voces tem que brilhar, brilhar & brilhar !!


Just to continue with the “Holiday List of Wishes”, more ideas for you !!

  1. FOSSIL Gloves, Scarf & Hat @ http://www.fossil.com for prices
  2. Leonard Sunglasses- Style Illesleva $ 165
  3. CHLOE’ Bath and Body set $ 85
  4. UGG Tall Boots $ 179
  5. ABERCROMBIE Jeans $ 90
  6. CHANEL # 5 Perfume $ 113
  7. MAKEUP FOREVER set $ 299
  8. GHD Flat Iron 1 inch $ 230
  9. FOSSIL Crossbody Bag @ http://www.fossil.com for prices
  10. PINK & VICTORIA SECRET Boys bikine $ 11 & $ 13

I hope you all will have a great week !!

Keep checking with us for the HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY, soon !!

Piece & Love

Pictures Reproduction: Cheia de Frikote, net-a-porter.com, sephora.com, abercrombie.com, fossil.com, BFF google.com, victoriasecret.com, ugg.com.

If any other question, pls contact me by e-mail candidacox@yahoo.com.



30 Oct

by Candida


Here are some of the TOP PRODUCTS that are in the market for years and continue to be  “CAN’T-LIVE-WITHOUT-IT” daily essentials hoarded by editors, readers and industry insiders alike, per  ELLE Magazine, 25th Anniversary Issue, October 2010. Those products are becoming the “Classiscs of Beauty”.

BENEFIT  Benetint. The Eva Peron of cosmetics, to be used on cheeks and lips !! It will give you the color of health. $ 28.00

GUERLAIN Terracotta Bronzing Powder. This one I use for @ least 10 years. My first one was given to me by my Sis-in -Law, Lulu. She is also a big lover of Terracotta by Guerlain. $ 47.00

YSL Highlighter Pen. Touch Eclat, a shimmery highlighter that covers anything and brightens anywhere.     $ 40.00

DIOR 5 Colors in Stylish Move. Dior eyeshadows, richly pigmented, silky and soft. The darkest shade can be applied with a wet brush as a liner and the pearly pink shade to highlight. $ 58.00

LANCOME Eye Pencil. Le Crayon Kohl, soft enough to smudge easily and do smoky eyes. You can try using pitch black color for smoky eyes. $ 24.00

NARS Blush. Nars Orgasm with the right touch of peach and pink. Per Elle Magazine, 2 Nars Orgasm are sold per minute in the US !! Uowww !! $ 26.00

CHANEL VAMP. A mix  of red-black lacquer caused “mass hysteria” when it was launched in 1994 and quickly became an uptown- girl basic. It will always be a classic look !! $ 23.00

CLE’ DE PEAU Consealer. The best consealer ever. It is a must have beauty product. It has a great consistency and is used by the Hollywood’s finest to hide any flaw from HD cameras. You must try it !! $ 70.00

CREME DE LA MER. A very rich and effective moisturizer developed by a Nasa scientist to clear up burns he suffered during an accident. I really noticed my skin very clear, soft and healthy looking. An amazing product. High price point, yes but totally worth the price..  1oz $ 130,00 2oz. $230.00.

SHU UEMURA Eyelash Curler. I can’t tell the difference between Shu Uemura curler and the other many curlers in the market but the truth is that I noticed  my lashes more higher and curled after using that. They all have the same shape, pretty much the same, but something made a difference in my eyes. $ 19.00


Hope you enjoy it !! I can’t wait for Halloween, tomorrow !!

Lots of fun to all of you !!

Piece & Love


Pics reproduction: ELLE Magazine Oct 2010


15 Oct

by Candida


Where to go when I need inspiration ??? To the bookstore!!! I find myself in paradise  and  I can stay for hrs… So, I was just there with one of my BFF’s after celebrating a especial date for us , had lots of fun and found my inspiration !! One of my favorites bookstore is closing some of the stores. Yes, “Borders” has closed several locations. According to the News it is going out of business !!!. Very sad, but what can I say ??? Ipad has arrived to compete with the Bookshop Industry . It will be hard for the new generation to read the regular books, every book will be downloaded, but as long as they read it wont metter, right ???  Technology is awesome, but I am old school, even though I enjoy the ipad and all that stuff, I still love reading the actual book.  As you can see, my picture above in my favorite isle, Fashion. I get totally lost with all those magazines !! Love it !!


The old and simple purple color has been reinvented this Fall as Power Plum @ Sephora, Mesmerizing Purple or Deep Violet @ YSL, Daphne @ Nars and many other names by other brands as well. The shades are absolutely stunning !! Very seductive and sophisticated. Check it out,  tutorial by Silvia Dell’Orto, Makeup Artist for Sephora and have fun, GET-THE-LOOK !!


To keep all purple I chose a really cool bag by Proenza Schouler  -Fashionistas are loving cross body bags.

Thanks for visiting us and see you again soon !! xoxo

For all prices check:  www.proenzaschouler.com/www.sephora.com

Pictures reproduction: cheia de frikote, Sephora, Proenza Schouler, Borders