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22 Aug
by Candida


  •  Forever 21 Black Tank U$ 12.80 @ www.forever21.com
  • Wet Seal Beige Tiered Skirt U$ 21.50 @ www.wetseal.com
  • Steve Madden Beige Patent- Leather Wedges U$ 69.00 @ DSW Shoe Warehouse
  • My own Red Aviator Sunglasses
  • No hat and put my hair up for a change !! My Sis-in Law’s Style !! Loved it !!

See, it is not hard to get your outfit cute, stylish and completely affordable !! Just go for it !!

Pictures reproduction: Cheia de Frikote &  BFF -Google Images

Piece & Love


25 Jul


  1. Velvet Turband $48 @ www.shopnastygal.com
  2. Theory Drape Top $ 322 @ www.my-wordrobe.com
  3. Large Belt $ 25 @ www.bardot.com.au
  4. Miu Miu Tiered Skirt $ 579 @ www.mytheresa.com
  5. Earrings $ 78 @ www.piperlime.gap.com
  6. Ray Ban wayfarer Sunglasses $ 145 @ www.ray-ban.com
  7. Neon Lipstick by Lips $ 16 @ www.topshop.com
  8. Leopard Clutch $ 765 @ www.alexandermcqueen.com
  9. Gold Bangles $ 7.80 @ www.forever21.com
  10. Denim Wedges $90 @ www.zara.com


  1. Black Scarf I had at home already
  2. White top by Zara $ 39
  3. Black Tiered skirt by Zara $ 19
  4. Large belt I had at home alreday
  5. Denim Wedges by Zara $ 90
  6. Ray Ban Wayfarer $ 145
  7. Gold Bangles by Forever 21 $ 7.80
  8. Neon Salmon Lipstick by Inglot $ 12
You can also get your outfit ready without spending lots of money !! Just be creative and shop around !!        Pictures by Cheia de Frikote & Google.

Piece & Love 


26 Mar

  1. Bangle Set by Ashley Pittman – http://www.brownfashion.com
  2. Mykta Sunglasses by Emanuelle Sunglasses $ 455
  3. Sandals by Dolce Vita $60 – http://www.nordstrom.com
  4. Earings by H&M @ H&M Store
  5. T by Alexander Wang $ 130
  6. Printed Silk ruffle Skirt by youheshe $224
  7. Hat by Gap @ Gap Store
  8. Nude Lace Headband $8 @ Topshop Store
  9. Cole Haan Crossbody Bag $198 @ ColeHaan Store

Get inspired and have a great weekend !!

Piece & Love


8 Feb

by Candida


  1. Hat by O’neill
  2. Dipdye Tunic by Topshop
  3. Boyfriend Shorts by True Religion
  4. Butterfly Neckless by Claire’s
  5. Sunglasses by H&M
  6. Kirsten Tote
  7. Boots by Allsaints

Piece & Love


23 Oct

by Candida

I was doing a clean up on my closet and noticed that some styles I can have many of it and it will never be enough,  the more I have it  the more I buy it. It doesn’t go out of style but I keep asking myself , why do I need so many of the same ??? . Its only me ?? I hope not !!! (LOL)… So I will start a series of what its never enough to have and if you want to send me suggestions you can send an e-mail, candidacox@yahoo.com,  it will be fun to post all the ideas !


Who has only one black dress ?? I used to work in a store and my clients’ favorite sentence after finishing buy it was, “I always end it up on a black dress, it will be one more in my closet”  or “I don’t know how many more black dresses I need” or ” all I have is black dresses, well I always need one “.  They would try the whole store and at the end they would buy a black dress !! So funny !! With a black dress you can never go wrong ! All dresses in the picture from Topshop.com


I love it !! I can dress up or down, with flats or heels, I just love it !!  You can even do it yourself. get those pants that you don’t wear it anymore or your boyfriend’s jeans and customize yourself !! In my closet that its never enough !! In order from the left, top to bottom: J Brand,  Lucky Jeans, Black Orchid, Joey, Siwi, Current Elliot, Ziggy, Simon Affluent, Seven. Price range $ 120.00- $ 150.00. It will be way cheaper if you make your own !!


Isn’t she pretty ?? Sabrina Sato, Brazilian bombshel !! She is wearing distressed denim shorts in different occasions !! It was all done by herself !! She customized her boyfriend’s jeans, per globo.com.


No words !! Its never enough and always fun to wear it !! I love the graphic tees my favorites are  from Delias @ http://www.delias.com or commonthreadz.org/celebritees. Common Threadz is nonprofit helping orphans & vulnerable children in developing nations to reach their full potential. Check it out, prices are great . You not only buy a cool shirt but you are making a donation as well.  LET’S HELP OUR WORLD !!


Do I need to say anything ???  I have lip gloss every where, in every bag… We need every color, every brand !! Should I say we or I ??? I hope I can say we, (LOL) I don’t have a favorite brand for lip gloss, believe it or not.  I buy any brand, it all depends of where I am at, if at Walgreens or Bloomingdales, CVS or Nordstron. I love it all , as long as its shiny !!

Have a great Saturday everyone !!  Do you have your Halloween costume ready ?? I haven’t even decided yet what I want to wear !! I better decide  and look for it, soon!!  Ow! I can’t wait for Halloween Day !! Fun, Fun, Fun !!

Pictures Reproduction: Cheia de Frikote, Delias.com, “BFF” google, globo.com, topshop.com


21 Oct

by Candida


I found some pieces to mix & match from the Topshop Store online.  I love the Topshop, I could go to NY just for that store, ummm maybe some others. . For prices, check http://www.topshop.com. The only store in the States is in NY, but you can buy online and they do international delivery as well. Prices are very reasonable, very important !! I chose some classic pieces that can be worn all year long, it all depends on your mood & weather .


Merino Cool by Essie

Now, time to go to sleep !! What time is it ??? I don’t want to know, I just know that it is super late !! Sweet Dreams & ideas for the next post  !!

Reproduction pics: TOPSHOP, Essie by Cheia de Frikote